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We have successfully helped launch some of the biggest brands in Tech to become the household names they are today! With over 20 years of industry knowledge and know how, we have become a go-to for brands introducing products to the UK market.

Our Services

Dedicated Amazon Team

Our dedicated Amazon team are capable of handling all sales on Amazon from the start of a product listing, to the point of sale and everything in-between.

In-house Marketing Team

The in-house Marketing team are on hand to strategize your brand and find the best way to market which will suit your company's interests.

Content Design Team

The Content Design team can assist with asset creation to give your brand the visual edge and bring your physical product into the virtual world.

Sales Team

Being involved in the tech industry since the 90's has provided us with unpresidented knowledge of how to successfully bring new products to the UK market.


Total Global Sales


Launched Brands


Years Industry Experience


Countries Of Operation

2,450,000+ Products sold worldwide in the last 8 years

Since 2012 we have sold over 2,456,605 products worldwide! From our best selling mobile broadband products to smartphones, tablets, laptops, speakers, accessories and more!

  • Process and distribute products globally within 48hours to worldwide destinations.
  • Sales and customer service teams to support you in every aspect of your order.
  • Official partner to the largest OEM manufacturer in Asian, designing our own Mobile Broadband devices to suit each marketplace/customer.

successfully launched over 40 Brands into the UK & global Market

Our specialised team have worked with over 40 Brands! Increasing sales, assisting with new product launches and distributing their brand into both online retail, offline retail and B2B clients.

  • Worked with major household names in the industry, increasing their sales and assisting with new product launches .
  • Aided in the growth of some of the biggest telecom’s companies such as Huawei, ZTE and SMARTY.
  • Expert Amazon team to debut your brand into the Amazon Marketplaces and get your products to best seller rankings.

22 Years Experience of working within the Telecommunications Industry

With 22 years industry experience, we have made our name and become the go to people within the telecommunication industry. Mastering in online sales and important relationships with B2B clients, it is with this knowledge and experience that we have the confidence and teams to take your brand to the next level.

  • Experienced B2B sales team with industry contacts and extensive knowledge.
  • Top rated seller on Amazon.co.uk.
  • Proven record of successful launches and best-selling products with companies such as Huawei and realme.

Experienced at selling in over 76 countries worldwide

If you want to take your brand global, then please get in touch as we have experience of selling in over 76 countries worldwide.

  • Contacts around the globe to make your global transition easier.
  • Experienced shipping team with in-depth knowledge of international shipping.
  • Packaging team with the ability to cater to the country of sale.


The services we offer help businesses launch new products in the UK, we have everything you need to get your products into the UK market.

Dedicated Amazon Team

We can take full control of your sales via the UK Amazon channel, from listing products, creating your brand store, to shipping the item through seller-fufilled prime.

In-house Marketing Team

We are able to create fully tailored marketing plans in-house that suit the needs of your business, with full use of Google Ads, Facebook campaign manager & industry contacts.

Content Design Team

We are able to curate & create persuasive content to aid and assist the marketing campaign and entice customers through appealing listings.

Sales Team

We have an in-house sales team, ready to approach businesses and sell your devices in bulk to some of the biggest names on the highstreet.

Logistics Team

We can handle all aspects of logistics with our knowledgeable team of shipping experts inhouse that deal with all your shipping needs.

Support Team

We've got both a technical support team and a customer service team to help with all the problems and queries you may have.

Check Out Our Brands

In 2019 we launched eFones.com, the go to store for Smartphones, accessories and Mobile Broadband Devices. Our mission - to make these amazing futuristic products affordable for every person and household. We also operate Modem.co.uk which gives you all the information and specs on the latest home and mobile broadband devices, which you can purchase directly from us, with full warranty, next day delivery and a dedicated Technical Support department.

eFones.com Modem.co.uk


Want to know more? Feel like we could help your company/brand grow? Please get in touch so we can happily assist you further.

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