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In 2003, CEO Richard Gallant purchased LIVEWIRE Businesses Telecom Limited...since this day, he has never looked back! We are now one of the largest distributors of Mobile Broadband Devices, smartphones and accessories, distributing globally for major brands and have 13 official partners in 2021. Since 2012, we have sold 2,456,605 products and sold in over 76 countries worldwide. During recent years of business, we have also launched and
Our specialised teams have worked with over 40 brands. Increasing sales, assisting with new product launches and distributing their brand into both online and offline retail and B2B clients. Your story is our story. We've aided in the growth of brands such as Huawei, ZTE and SMARTY. Our expert Head of Retail and Amazon team will help debut your brands into the Amazon marketplace to get your products to bestseller rankings.

Our Mission

We aim to make our amazing futuristic products affordable for every person and household to keep everyone connected. With 22 years of industry experience, we have made our name and become the go-to company within the telecommunication industry. Continuously expanding our network of distributors and becoming official partners and distributors to ensure the highest quality of product for our customers.

Our incredible story...

1999 Born

LIVEWIRE Businesses Limited is born into the world with the hope to buy and sell electronics. The business stalls and runs at a loss for the first 4 years.

2003 Named

Richard Gallant purchases LIVEWIRE Businesses Limited and renames the business as LIVEWIRE Telecom Limited.

2005 Expansion

LIVEWIRE works with all the major UK distributors selling to Asia and USA.

2007 Huawei

LIVEWIRE moves into recycling SONY PS3’s and stumbles across a small Chinese Brand selling data cards that need recycling. This brand is HUAWEI.

2009 Worldwide

LIVEWIRE recycle/refurbish datacards for HUAWEI, ZTE, Sierra, Option and Nokia selling to 40 countries worldwide.

2010 Hong Kong

LIVEWIRE opens its first offices in Hong Kong to deal with the demand of datacards worldwide.

2011 Agreement

LIVEWIRE signs the first open market agreement with HUAWEI Technologies in China directly.

2012 Distribution

LIVEWIRE signs open market agreements with ZTE and TCL in Hong Kong. Livewire opens offices in Thailand and Sri Lanka to deal with local distribution.

2012 Amazon

LIVEWIRE signs and agrees to supply the AINOL tablet range to

2015 Huawei

LIVEWIRE signs a UK distribution agreement with HUAWEI Technologies Limited.

2018 OMG

LIVEWIRE wins “biggest growth Seller account” in Mobile Broadband Devices category on Amazon

2019 Booming

LIVEWIRE wins “fastest growing distributor of the year” from HUAWEI.

2020 Welcome


2021 Silverstone

LIVEWIRE relocates to the its new HQ opposite the historic SILVERSTONE Racing Circuit.

2022 Future is now

Watch this space…

Our dedicated Amazon team are capable of handling all sales on Amazon
The in-house Marketing team are on hand to strategize your brand.
We have a knowledgeable team of shipping experts inhouse
The sales team are skilled in the tech industry to introduce your products to the UK market.
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Let's Meet The Team

Nick Phillips

European Sales Manager I have been part of the Livewire journey since 2007 and with a lot of hard work and some fun along the way we have grown from a small business selling on eBay, to the large successful company, we are today. In this time I have held a variety of roles gaining knowledge and experience in all aspects of the business. I joined the sales team in 2011 and now manage a large number of global accounts.

Emily Jane Gallant

Director Of Ecommerce Started at LIVEWIRE in 2017 as an Office Sales Administrator and remember being told "girls can't do sales". But with hard work and travelling the world to meet with brands, I took our Online Retail to a new level and my current role is Director of eCommerce, as well as co-founding Livewire has grown massively, our staff has tripled and we now have a brand new HQ in the heart of Silverstone! I am passionate about what we do and looking forward to the future.

Richard Gallant

Founder/CEO I am the founder and creator of all things LIVEWIRE® I spend most of my days thinking of new ways to market our partners product portfolios and I am always on the lookout for the next product or project to grow the company.

Sacha Collett

Online Sales Administrator/Junior Bookkeeper I’m a new member of the Livewire team and loving every minute! I am responsible for giving customer assistance and guidance on our large range of devices. I ensure product pages are jam-packed with all the essential specs, making it as easy as possible for our customers to follow. In addition to this, I am now acquiring skills in bookkeeping, and am eager to work at this in the time to come.

James Barber

Logistics Manager I have been managing the logistics at Livewire for the past 12 years and have overseen the distribution of thousands of global shipments. Over the years I have watched the company grow into what it is today and have had the pleasure of being part of that journey. Due to the unpredictable nature of logistics and the global market I encounter new challenges daily, this means no day is the same and the learning never stops which makes the role so interesting.

Jade Kerry

Online Sales Administrator I have been a part of the Livewire team for coming up to 3 years. My position as an Online Sales Administrator means I am responsible for stock control, including the arrangement of shipments into Amazon fulfilment centres and ensuring everything runs smoothly with the Amazon account. I also undertake the role of Amazon customer service, lending a helping hand to customers when needed. I look forward to continuing to help the company grow in the coming years!

Clare Corbett

Management Accountant I am the Management Accountant at Livewire and have been here for 3 years. I am responsible for the day to day purchase and sales ledgers for the Company and keeping on top of all the accounts functions.

Robert Earle

Senior Sales Negotiator I have worked at Livewire for 4 years and provide support and assistance to the Livewire customer base. I support the companies sales team and look forward to growing and expanding my skill-set for many years to come at Livewire.

Jack Marshall

Technical Assistant I started at Livewire a year ago off the back of completing my degree in computer programming, so this was a natural step forward for me, you’ll often find me lending a hand in the office configuring devices or out in the warehouse helping to pack orders to ship into Amazon.

Steve Shurey

Logistics Supervisor I have been working at Livewire for the past 7 years and working my way up into Logistics. I am responsible for the shipping of goods into Amazon (FBA) to individual customers (Amazon Prime) and to customers of our sister company I have helped the company grow into what it is today, and I look forward to the future.

Deepak Nahar

Head of Design Graduated from the University of Surrey with an MSc in Marketing. I am responsible for all Marketing, Website Development and Graphic Design for Livewire Telecoms. My aspiration is to become the very best in my field. From brand strategy and user interface design to front-end development, my work exemplifies an appreciation for my ever-growing passion for design.

Mitchell Williams

Senior Technical Administrator Senior Technical Administrator committed to providing support to the Livewire client base and supporting the company’s technical team in achieving full utilisation of all available resources.

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