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Infinix ByteDance

Location United Kingdom
Founded 2012
Partnered 2021
Status Active


The Chinese billionaire behind teen phenomenon TikTok is a 36-year-old tech guru. Zhang Yiming's Beijing-based startup ByteDance owns TikTok, whose kaleidoscopic feeds of 15 to 60-second clips feature everything from hair-dye tutorials to dance routines and jokes about daily life.
Zhang has built something for the world; he understands young people and their psychology.
Infenix Bytedance
The company has had "huge and immediate success"
ByteDance, which Zhang founded in 2012, prides itself on using artificial intelligence to personalize newsfeeds according to users' interests. TikTok is ByteDance's most popular overseas app, while its other products in China and abroad include news aggregators and productivity tools.