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1999 Born

LIVEWIRE Businesses Limited is born into the world with the hope to buy and sell electronics. The business stalls and runs at a loss for the first 4 years.

2003 Named

Richard Gallant purchases LIVEWIRE Businesses Limited and renames the business as LIVEWIRE Telecom Limited.

2005 Expansion

LIVEWIRE works with all the major UK distributors selling to Asia and USA.

2007 Huawei

LIVEWIRE moves into recycling SONY PS3’s and stumbles across a small Chinese Brand selling data cards that need recycling. This brand is HUAWEI.

2009 Worldwide

LIVEWIRE recycle/refurbish datacards for HUAWEI, ZTE, Sierra, Option and Nokia selling to 40 countries worldwide.

2010 Hong Kong

LIVEWIRE opens its first offices in Hong Kong to deal with the demand of datacards worldwide.

2011 Agreement

LIVEWIRE signs the first open market agreement with HUAWEI Technologies in China directly.

2012 Distribution

LIVEWIRE signs open market agreements with ZTE and TCL in Hong Kong. Livewire opens offices in Thailand and Sri Lanka to deal with local distribution.

2012 Amazon

LIVEWIRE signs and agrees to supply the AINOL tablet range to

2015 Huawei

LIVEWIRE signs a UK distribution agreement with HUAWEI Technologies Limited.

2018 OMG

LIVEWIRE wins “biggest growth Seller account” in Mobile Broadband Devices category on Amazon

2019 Booming

LIVEWIRE wins “fastest growing distributor of the year” from HUAWEI.

2020 Welcome


2021 Silverstone

LIVEWIRE relocates to the its new HQ opposite the historic SILVERSTONE Racing Circuit.

2022 Future is now

Watch this space…

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