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Why 5G means a smarter world

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A Better World

Introducing 5G into the world means faster data transfer speeds and a whole new smarter world.
Technology has been rapidly improving at a much faster rate than data development. Because of this, technology hasn’t been able to reach its full potential.
But now with the latest breakthrough of 5G we should eventually see an improved society with higher advancements of tech.

Now you might be thinking how does 5G improve society as a whole?

Well, it doesn’t just mean faster browsing and download speeds.
This means improved signals and data transfer. This could be cars, health care, traffic, buildings, cameras, shopping and so much more.

Smarter Healthcare

Within healthcare they will be able to send important scans and x-rays instantly, so it can potentially save lives.
Modern day practices will be even more reliable. You will be able to monitor vital signs of a patience and collect their health data through wearables, this creates an accurate health picture of each patient.

Smarter Cities

We are always surrounded by technology and 5G will have an impact on all of it. Transport will be better as sat nav will generate information quicker and traffic will get smarter.
Especially with the current talk of self-driving cars, all this will seem possible with faster data speeds.
Everything down to the smallest piece of tech will be improved, such as cameras as they can produce a HD picture and have better sensors.


4G is still considered great, but for smaller devices to run heavy computational tasks and run richer content that’s when we will need 5G.
Although this does mean none of your current devices will be able to content to the network, so devices themselves will have to be updated.
Some places across the world have already started to turn off 3G, this is so they can make room for 5G.


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