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A Hot Cup of Fast Free Wi-Fi

When you walk down your local high street you will find that most of the shops and restaurants will offer complimentary Wi-Fi. Although when I say complementary, Wi-Fi is more of an essential these days instead of a luxury. But think about it, if you had to choose between two cafes and one didn’t have Wi-Fi, it’s obvious which one you’ll choose. So, if you are a small business that needs more customers, this is why you need Wi-Fi…


When you give your customers online connectivity it will immediately bring in more customers. Instead of people just ordering a quick coffee it will encourage them to stay longer and order something else. It will offer a comfortable place for people to meet with friends, read and do their work. Also, when people see customers enjoying themselves in a new shop it encourages them to go in as it shows there is something good in there. Plus, more customers means more revenue!


Now that you have a busy business it means your serving time will be longer. But giving your customer access to a Wi-Fi connection will keep them entertained in the process and make time fly by. This is ideal if a customer has a child and they need to keep them occupied while they rest.


When a customer comes in and enjoys their time in your shop you would hope they share their experience with other people encouraging them to come in, but it is rare that happens. But if you give them an online access they can share their experience through social media channels. They can rate you on Facebook, leave great reviews and post amazing pictures on Instagram. When people look at reviews this is where they go, so give the best customer service you can and the business will market itself.


When you open up a shop you need to be the best at what you do to stay in the market. This means you need a close eye on your competitors and always be ahead of the game. A good start to this would be having easy access Wi-Fi for all your customers to use.

So now that you know you need Wi-Fi for your customers, you need to decide what Router you want. Here at Livewire Telecom we have a variety of Mobile Wi-Fi Routers for you to choose from. We would recommend either the Huawei B315 or the Huawei B618.


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